Newly Arrived and Refugee Employment Law

To raise awareness of laws and services, and build trust with target communities, WEstjustice has developed an employment law CLE program as part of the Newly Arrived and Refugee Employment Law Project. 

Check out this video of one of our amazing peer educators, talking about our Employment Law Train the Trainer Program and Services!

The program consists of: 

Information sessions for community members

These sessions are provided upon request. We have delivered sessions to a variety of formal and informal groups, including community organisations (for example at church group meetings or community meetings); English as Additional Language classes (in particular, employment-oriented programs including AMEP SLPET classes); and information sessions run by settlement agencies (for example, Rights and Responsibilities seminars or other organised programs). We have now delivered face-to-face community education to over 600 newly arrived and refugee community members.

Information sessions for community workers

These sessions are targeted at agency staff who frequently assist newly arrived and refugee clients. The sessions seek to raise awareness of employment laws and services to enable workers to identify when their clients are experiencing an employment law issue and make appropriate referrals.  

Train the trainer program

The WEstjustice Train the Trainer Program delivered a nine day training program in employment laws and services to six community leaders from newly arrived and refugee communities in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs. The community leaders visited a number of key employment and anti-discrimination law agencies, including the Fair Work Ombudsman, the Fair Work Commission, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and Victoria Legal Aid. Participants were supported to develop a community education presentation, which they delivered to their communities in a culturally appropriate and targeted way.

Download the program flier or watch this video to learn more about the Program from the Community Education Officers:

The Program developed and utilised a suite of education resources targeted at newly arrived and refugee communities.

The resources aim to provide useful tools for agencies, educators, community leaders and others working with vulnerable communities to explain employment and anti-discrimination laws and services.

The resources are divided into six topics which relate to common employment law issues:

1. Wages and other entitlements
2. Employees, contractors and sham contracting
3. Workplace safety
4. Discrimination
5. Sexual harassment and bullying
6. Unfair dismissal and other entitlements if your employment ends

The resources are as follows:

> PowerPoint Presentation: which provides key information about each of the six topics
> Handout: which summarises some key concepts
> Key Terms Sheet: which provides a glossary to some common terms
> Videos: one for each of the six topics
> Scripts: one for each of the six videos
> Activity Sheet and Answers: to accompany each of the six videos

If used in a workshop, classroom or other group setting, the activities provide an opportunity for participants to work together and strengthen their understanding of employment and anti-discrimination law in Australia.  The materials are designed for high post-beginner to intermediate English as additional language students.

We hope that these resources are useful and would greatly appreciate any feedback. Please direct any comments or questions to Tarni Perkal, Senior Employment Lawyer, at Tarni can also be contacted to request a free information session for your community, or to express interest in any upcoming sessions for community workers.

The Train the Trainer Program was generously funded by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and Fay Marles Sub-Fund of the Victorian Women's Trust.

Topic 1: Wages and other entitlements

Topic 1 Script
Topic 1 Activities
Topic 1 Answers

Topic 2: Employees, contractors and sham contracting

Topic 2 Script
Topic 2 Activities
Topic 2 Answers

Topic 3: Workplace safety

Topic 3 Script
Topic 3 Activities
Topic 3 Answers

Topic 4: Discrimination

Topic 4 Script
Topic 4 Activities
Topic 4 Answers

Topic 5: Sexual harassment and bullying

Topic 5 Script
Topic 5 Activities
Topic 5 Answers

Topic 6: Unfair dismissal and other protections if your employment ends

Topic 6 Script
Topic 6 Activities
Topic 6 Answers


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